Welcome to the 16th Annual Nutcracker of Parker.

May your experience with us be a magical one.

We, at the Colorado School of Dance, have a VISION and it takes the drive of so many brilliant people, their ideas, their work, their creativity and their support to present this Christmas Classic. We believe it is vital to support the community, it's programs and it's young people. Thank you for sharing this classic ballet with us, and we wish you many blessings of Joy, Happiness and Peace this Christmas Season.


Congratulations to our 15th Anniversary Cast! Tickets are now on sale online! Please contact ballet@coloradoschoolofdance.com if you do not see or having trouble finding your name listed. We have already spoken to those not making the cast this year, so if you did not hear from us personally, then you should be on this list. Mistakes can happen when working with a large cast and many moving parts. We don’t want to miss anyone, and are truly excited to work with our dancers this season!

Eight Performances at the PACE Center, in Parker, CO (Get Direction)

CAST A: Friday Dec 14: 7pm, Saturday Dec 15: 2pm & 7pm, Sunday Dec 16: 2pm
CAST B: Thursday Dec 20: 7pm, Friday Dec 21: 7pm, Saturday Dec 22: 2pm & 7pm
Clara Cast A: Samantha Bishop
Cast B: Sydney Essler
Nutcracker Prince Cast A: Liam Teagarden
Cast B: Tyler Tuska
Sugar Plum Fairy & Cavalier Jenna Carara and TBD Snow Queen Cast A: Isabella Vickers
Cast B: Elizabeth Ahrens
Snow Demi-Soloists Makenzie Kumor & Maddie Mesher Dew Drop Cast A: Cheryl Tagawa
Cast B: Maddie Mesher
Flower Demi-Soloists (Lilacs): Sara Fox, Makenzie Kumor,
Isabella Vickers, Ava Wreschinsky
Marzipan Soloist Cast A: Makenzie Kumor
Cast B: Sara Fox
Fritz Cast A: Charlese Graeber
Cast B: Claire Simpson
Clara’s Friends Cast A: Samantha Lawrence & Beth Potter
Cast B: Hollyn Henderson & Emily Walker
Ballerina Doll Cast A: Gianna Lucarelli
Cast B: Amanda Danner
Mouse King Cast A: Rachel Blackburn
Cast B: Makenzie Kumor
Soldier Doll Cast A: Erin Callahan
Cast B: Gianna Lucarelli
Maids Cast A: Emma Proch & Elizabeth Womer
Cast B: Harley Brittenham & Sydney Mazza
Mr. & Mrs. Staulbaum Rachel Carter and Mayor Mike Waid Herr Drosselmeyer Oleg Dedogryuk
Mother Ginger Karen Levine    

Nutcracker of Parker - Cast 2018

Party Parents:
Party Girls:
Cast A: Gabriela Contos, Ashley Dreiling, McKenna Esper, Allison Mangels, Madison Raley
Cast B: Delaney Caustrita, Elizabeth Malcolm, Ryla Maestas, Camryn Ossman, Lainey Utzerath
Party Boys:
Cast A: Kira Boland, Brenna Coffman, Raegan Dantzer, Erin House, Riley Rottinghaus, Claire Simpson, Kathleen Wright
Cast B: Emma Brown, Brenna Coffman, McKenna Esper, Erin House, Mya Litzau, Riley Rottinghaus, Kathleen Wright
Party Children:
Cast A: Ava Clopton, Brynn Cooper, Charlotte Dennis, Sophia Freeman, Gracie French, Juleann Houck, Ava Matijevich, Lucy Montoya, Kabria Morandini, Niko Shoemaker
Cast B: Ava Benson, Eliana Collins, Annabelle Dean, Kylie Jameson, Kherington Keller, Jaylin Macerinskas, Gabriella Neufeld, Kyliah Pyke, Mackenzie Roark, Evie Shelley
Harlequin Doll:
Cast A: Kaena Danzter, Ca’mari Davis, Mackenzie Roark
Cast B: Samantha Fuller, Libby Johnson, Reese Underwood
Kenzie Cooper, Kyla Croswhite, Payton DeJager, Caroline Dennis, Addison Landgren, Juliana Neufeld, Ryann Sinar, Ivwa Sternkopf, Daisy Thompson, Kelcey Webb, Sophie Wei, Miranda Willey, Amelia Williams
Big Mice:
Zoey Arguelles, Ca’mari Davis, Gabriella Damkoehler, Kaena Dantzer, Alessa Franks, Samantha Fuller, Libby Johnson, Paige Kyle, Reese Underwood
Baby Mice:
Cast A: Andie Barry, Hailey Both, Zoey Brown, Addalyn DeJager, Riordan Julian, Kendra Kelly, Winter Matson, Kylee Rowley, Eleanor Schamberger, Karrington Scott, Kenzie Stoneberger
Cast B: Sierra Alejo, Liberty Bockting, Drake Booher, Reagan Daigle, Annalyn Henderson, Evie Montgomery, Sophia Reisdorph, Quinn Silvestri, Cheyenne Wall, Claira Watson, Amelia Velasquez
Snow Queen:
Cast A: Isabella Vickers, Cast B: Elizabeth Ahrens
Snow Demi-Soloists:
Makenzie Kumor & Maddie Mesher
Snow Corps de Ballet:

Natalie Aston, Rachel Blackburn, Ainsley Click, Amanda Danner, Sara Fox, Hollyn Henderson, Samantha Lawrence, Gianna Lucarelli, Beth Potter, Cheryl Tagawa, Emily Walker, Ava Wreschinsky

understudies: Elizabeth Ahrens, Isabella Vickers, Sydney Essler, Samantha Bishop

Harley Brittenham, Erin Callahan, Ainsley Click, Anna Kelly, Sydney Mazza, Emma Proch
Kingdom of the Sweets Princesses:
Natalie Aston, Rachel Blackburn, Gianna Lucarelli, Ava Wreschinsky
Royal Court:
Cast A: Leah Beschman, Kira Boland, Brenna Coffman, Raegan Dantzer, McKenna Esper, Erin House, Allison Mangels, Camryn Ossman, Madison Raley, Aaniyah Wilson
Cast B: Delaney Caustrita, Cooper Dozois, McKenna Esper, Mya Litzau, Elizabeth Malcolm, Allison Mangels, Camryn Ossman, Madison Raley, Riley Rottinghaus, Kathleen Wright
Elizabeth Ahrens, Maddie Mesher, Cheryl Tagawa, Sara Fox (Cast A)/Makenzie Kumor (Cast B)
English Bakers:
Lead Bakers: Emma Brown, Kenzie Cooper, Kyla Croswhite
Cast A: Tatum Dickin, Lila Diekmann, Krystal Fedders, Karissa Friginal, Olivia Gannaway, Nora Kelly, Molly Martin, Chyler Miller, Lilah Repstine, Hannah Rogers, Giovanni Rourke, Ashlyn Rovner
Cast B: Adalyn Ackerman, Blen Bogale, Brynlee Booher, Colten Booher, Layla Cohrs, Abriella Davis, MoMo Dozois, Julia Fisher, Michelle Mann, Brielle Raybern, Natalie Paulo, Carly Stevenson, Emma Thomas
Arabian Pas de Deux:
Cast A: Hollyn Henderson with Tyler Tuska
Cast B: Isabella Vickers with Liam Teagarden
Arabian Ensemble: Amanda Danner, Samantha Lawrence, Beth Potter, Ava Wreschinsky
Cast A: Zoey Arguelles, Kenzie Cooper, Kaena Dantzer, Alessa Franks, Paige Kyle, Kelcey Webb Cast B: Kyla Croswhite, Ca’mari Davis, Libby Johnson, Juliana Neufeld, Reese Underwood, Daisy Thompson
Russian Demi-Soloists: Gabriela Contos, Ashley Dreiling, Ryla Maestas, Claire Simpson, Lainey Utzerath, Charlese Graeber (Cast A)/ Emma Brown (Cast B)
Russian Ensemble:
Cast A: Gabriella Damkoehler, Payton DeJager, Lily Esper, Alexandra Favreau, Amelia Hall, Lilly Kendall, Melinda Merrick, Parker Mills, Ellie Rodriguez, Peyton Zielonka
Cast B: Abby Curtis, Leah Femery, Samantha Fuller, Karyss Henderson, Jane Jorgensen, Addison Landgren, Avery Olsen, Maya Patterson, Kadence Preston, Sophie Wei, Camille Woody, Jane Wright
Marzipan Soloist: Cast A: Makenzie Kumor, Cast B: Sara Fox
Marzipan Ensemble: Erin Callahan, Ainsley Click, Anna Kelly, Emily Walker
(Blue) Performances Friday Dec 14 7pm & Sun Dec 16 2pm
(Red) Performances Sat Dec 15 2pm & 7pm
(Green) Performances Thurs Dec 20 7pm & Fri Dec 21 7pm (Yellow) Performances Saturday Dec 22 2pm & 7pm
(Cast Blue): Haylee Hall, Azayda Kassab, Kensley Klotz, Marlie Matijevich, Elliana Reinke, Savannah Sampson, Ava Zielonka, Halle Wussow
(Cast Green): Elsie Devine, Naomi Lashley, Olivia Leider, Madeline Shaw, Catherine Thomas, Kathleen Wright, Edie Johnson

Cast Red & Yellow TBD
Waltz of the Flowers:
Dew Drop:
Cast A: Cheryl Tagawa,
Cast B: Maddie Mesher
Lilacs: Sara Fox, Makenzie Kumor, Isabella Vickers, Ava Wreschinsky
Flowers: Elizabeth Ahrens, Natalie Aston, Rachel Blackburn, Ainsley Click, Amanda Danner, Hollyn Henderson, Gianna Lucarelli, Samantha Lawrence, Beth Potter, Emily Walker, Maddie Mesher (Cast A)/Cheryl Tagawa (Cast B), Sydney Essler (Cast A)/Samantha Bishop (Cast B), understudy: Erin Callahan
Spanish: Elizabeth Ahrens, Maddie Mesher, Cheryl Tagawa, Sara Fox/Makenzie Kumor
Arabian: Beth Potter, Samantha Lawrence
Chinese: Kenzie Cooper/Kyla Croswhite, Kelcey Webb/Daisy Thompson, Paige Kyle/Juliana Neufeld
Russian: Ryla Maestas, Lainey Utzerath, Gabriela Contos
Marzipan: Emily Walker, Makenzie Kumor/Sara Fox
Thank you to everyone who auditioned for the Ballet Company. If you did not make the company this season, please continue to take classes (Fall and Summer) and work hard to prepare for next season.
Youth Company:
Zoey Arguelles, Kenzie Cooper, Kyla Croswhite, Gabriella Damkoehler, Kaena Dantzer, Ca’mari Davis, Payton DeJager, Alessa Franks, Samantha Fuller, Libby Johnson, Paige Kyle, Addison Landgren, Juliana Neufeld, Daisy Thompson, Reese Underwood, Kelcey Webb, Sophie Wei
Junior Company:
Kira Boland, Emma Brown, Delaney Caustrita, Brenna Coffman, Gabriela Contos, Raegan Dantzer, Ashley Dreiling, Mckenna Esper, Charlese Graeber, Erin House, Mya Litzau, Ryla Maestas, Elizabeth Malcolm, Allison Mangels, Camryn Ossman, Madison Raley, Riley Rottinghaus, Claire Simpson, Elaine Utzerath, Kathleen Wright
Intermediate Company:
Natalie Aston, Rachel Blackburn, Harley Brittenham, Erin Callahan, Ainsley Click, Amanda Danner, Hollyn Henderson, Anna Kelly, Samantha Lawrence, Gianna Lucarelli, Sydney Mazza, Beth Potter, Emma Proch, Emily Walker
Senior Company:
Elizabeth Ahrens, Samantha Bishop, Sydney Essler, Sara Fox, Makenzie Kumor, Maddie Mesher, Cheryl Tagawa, Liam Teagarden, Tyler Tuska, Ava Wreschinsky


We value your input and look forward to hearing from you.
For more information on The Nutcracker, Colorado School of Dance, or Colorado Youth Ballet Company:

Studio: 10510 S. Progress Way
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Phone: (303) 841-7233

E-mail: Info@ColoradoSchoolOfDance.com